Northshore Lacrosse develops K-12 youth in the sport of field lacrosse in Washington State's Northshore School District (Bothell Lacrosse, Inglemoor Lacrosse, and North Creek Lacrosse)

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Northshore Lacrosse offers K-12 teams for all girls in the Bothell, Inglemoor, and North Creek feeder patterns. Register now!
For girls in the Northshore School District, girl's lacrosse teams are only offered by our sister clubs. Each of these two clubs cover a specific grade range. Spring registration opens in November each year and the practice/game season runs from late February through May. You may learn more about their programs and register online using the links in the table below.
Sister Club
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Woodinville Lady Falcons

Olivia Jarvis

HS Varsity
Lake Samm Eagles
*All Northshore girls in grades K-12 must to join the Woodinville girls lacrosse club (Lady Falcons). As part of a transition, 11th and 12th graders during the 2016-2017 school year, who played with the Lake Samm club, have the option of finishing their high school girls lacrosse experience with their Lake Samm team.
Why doesn't the Northshore Lacrosse Club offer girl's lacrosse teams:
There is one league that governs all of girls lacrosse in Washington Sate, the Washington Schoolgirls Lacrosse Association Youth League (WaGLAX). Their organizational growth model seeks to assign an entire school district to only one program within that school district. As a result, their structure does not (yet) allow for each high school feeder pattern to have its own program. Since the Northshore Lacrosse Club (NLC) represented two of the three high school feeder patterns in the school district for the boy's lacrosse, we were offered, by WAGLAX, the opportunity to host all of the girls teams for the Northshore School District (NSD).
There were multiple reasons that the NLC board chose to decline the offer and support the hosting of all NSD girl's lacrosse teams by the Woodinville Lacrosse Club (WLC). At the time, the NLC board was preoccupied with managing the split of their high school boy's lacrosse program into separate Bothell Lacrosse and Inglemoor Lacrosse programs and planning for the same split at the youth level. In addition, the desire to create a program specific to Woodinville, was being driven by someone outside of NLC, Olivia Jarvis. It was Olivia's passion for a smaller community-based program that made us confident that she would be the best person to grow a new program for all NSD girls. Lastly, the NLC board has historically struggled with securing sufficient field time for its existing boy's lacrosse program. NLC teams, including the high school varsity teams, often share fields with youth teams, preventing full field drills. The NLC board believed that WLC's access to more fields, especially the Woodinville City Fields, would benefit a new girl's lacrosse program.